Another Quilt Done!

Since Christmas, Jenny (my new Janome) and I have been having such FUN together !  What a GREAT sewing machine she is!  I love all the bells and whistles she offers, especially the thread cutting feature :)  But she offers sew much more!  I went to the dealer I bought her from and took a class, and learned alot!  My teacher Kathy loves this machine, and told me that she used Jenny when she was on display, so knows her quite well ... and she's happy Jenny has found a good home ;)

I'm still working on reorganizing and shuffling my sewing room around, utilizing my guest room as an overflow area for my sewing habits.  I wish I could just knock out a wall and expand my one room, but Steve's not real excited about the plans in my head... so I sold our guest bed and put in shelving.  This week I also moved my bookcase in there, and having to move everything, has forced a much-needed organization of my books ... even found one I have as a duplicate, which I will share with a new to quilting friend.

The sewing I've done over the last couple of weeks has been fun.  I FINALLY completed a quilt for my Mom, for her 80th birthday.  That in itself is a milestone, that she would live to be that old, as her life was so crazy reckless for the first two-thirds of her life, before she came to know our Lord.... and I must say, I am equally surprised that God has granted me life this long... as I AM my mothers' daughter.

So I decided that she needed a quilt, as everyone should have a wrap of comfort... so I took a pattern that my friend Shauna (aka Crafty) sent me ... a zig zag quilt.  Done in Mom's favorite colors, blue and yellow, I took all the fabric from my stash and I would take it to my quilt guild sew-ins and work on it.  The gals there sure helped me to understand triangles and laying out a quilt that goes sideways :)  If you have an opportunity to belong to a guild, I highly recommend it!  And I feel VERY fortunate that I have such an inspiring and talent-sharing bunch of gals that I get to learn from and grow together as friends :)

Mom received her quilt, and I had to make a couple of matching pillowcases ... well, cause it's Mom :)  She called me crying, unable to put into words the feelings that she was having at me making such a gift of love.  And she came down sick the next day, and wrapped herself in the yumminess of the quilt, and says she feels the love and hugs that I put into it. :)

And that was the whole intent ... and IS the intent of why we make quilts ... to feel the love.  I sure dislike it when non-quilters call them "blankets".  The term seems so generic to me, and does not represent the time, workmanship and love that is put into a quilt.  It's a LOVE thing ... and when you're a quilter, you want to share that love of quilting with those you love.

So I have my FIRST UFO done for the year!  I'm off to a good start... and after all, it IS my year for sewing!  Now... where did I put Steve's quilt ... time to finish up for him :)

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