The holidays are over, and I'm EXCITED about starting a new year!  As I said, last year was VERY busy for me, and I'm thinking this year will be a busy one as well, but with SEWING! :)  

I wanted to share some pics of quilts I did for Christmas.  I've done quilts before, but they've always been for charities and such.  After 6 years of dabbling with this stuff, I finally got serious and made quilts for my family.  They were SO surprised!

This purple beauty is made for my Precious g'daughter.  She's the delight of my heart, and a precious gift from the Lord!  She LOVES purple, and she loves to sew and has even made some small quilts for her dolls.  This year we will venture out into quilting even a little bit more!
And because she loves the quilting aspect, I snapped her checking out all the detailing :)  The quilting was done in variegated purple, all hearts and vines... cause she IS my heart! 
This quilt is aptly named "the colors of my daughters hair".  Now for those of  you who know my daughter Melissa, you'll know she has a kind giving heart who loves her family, and always will go outside her comfort area or lack of time to help out someone she cares about.... but she also has this "wild side" to her hair color, and always has.  It started in high school when she told me she was gonna dye her hair BLUE!  Well she had to wait til she graduated, and sure 'nuff, she did... she always likes to swim upstream and be a bit rebellious, altho I am VERY thankful the deliverance of rebelliousness has calmed down.  It was my pleasure to do this quilt for her ;)

This is the quilt I made for my son-in-law Jack ... He's a Veteran of the US Army, and served for over 10 years.  He's a good American, a praying man, and loves my family so much.  This is the least I could do, is to make him a quilt ... plus, he'll stop his whining about not having a quilt :)

So 2013 is lined up to be MY YEAR for sewing!  And I need to make my hubby Steve a quilt, and a quilt for my mom's 80th birthday... it's almost done :)  THEN I get to make one for my bed ... king size ... and in batiks of course!

Thanks for coming to visit my little neck of the web ... have a blessed day.


Almost a New Year!

I don't know bout y'all, but I am READY for a new year!  2012 was a busy BUSY year!  But God is good... and He's good ALL THE TIME!

I've had some health struggles this past year, and I am leaning on my Lord to get me thru this new chapter in my life.... August was 36 years of marriage to Steve ... my best friend.  I am really enjoying growing old with him, altho I must say, he's doing a much better job than me!  It was also the year I turned the big 6-0 ... but I figure it's only a number, and the life I led before coming to know the Lord was not conducive for living to be this old ... that's all I'll say about that.  So I am very thankful to be on this side of the dirt, and enjoying life and family :)

Awesome Retreat Teachers
In Sept, we had the 2012 Circle of Friends Retreat in Branson ... it is a project of the HGTV Quilters & Needlework Forum on  They are a group of cyber friends who form  friendships online, and sometimes we are fortunate enough to be able to meet them!  I was that lucky last year and this year... and we had a GREAT time... lots of door prizes, lots of games, lots of good times and projects!  We had some good teachers for our classes, and I think (I hope) everyone had a good time and enjoyed the festivities!  I'd like to thank my AWESOME retreat team ... Crazy'boutquilts (Sandie), SDGranny (Mary),  Shauna and Rainbow.  Without all their help and support, it would have been a dud ... but they sure came through with lots of creative ideas, and kept me going when I had no energy left to give.  THANK YOU FRIENDS!

We also did the Crayola Challenge Quilt Raffle, which benefitted the new Ronald McDonald House just opened in Springfield, and it's their second!  I think that say alot about the care for children that our hospitals offer!  We gave away 26 quilts, and donated $3651 to the new House... and at the end of retreat, I took the leftover funds and bought a microwave for the new kitchen, as well as a Kitchen Aide mixer ... along with the ice cream attachment and a cookbook for ice cream!  That way the families can come in after a long day and have some wonderful homemade treat!  The volunteers who work at the RMH are wonderful, caring people, and I know the families are thankful for their support.

OK ...  after all that, I kinda fried my brain, but I am REALLY feeling good these days, and am ready for the NEW YEAR!  My Crazy friend has challenged me for next year ... we've decided that 2013 will be OUR year for sewing! Lots of quilts, lots of volunteer projects, lots of FUN!  You can find the Crazy one over at her blog .  She's my mentor where quilting is concerned, and I would have given up a long time ago had it not been for her encouragement and support!

So ... this is a new road I'm on ... I'm sure the Crazy one will be around to "inspire" me to keep up on my blogging as well as my other fun for 2013!  I'll be hosting a pin cushion swap right after the first of the year, so I will post a little to-do about that as well.  Till then ... Have a GREAT week y'all :)