The holidays are over, and I'm EXCITED about starting a new year!  As I said, last year was VERY busy for me, and I'm thinking this year will be a busy one as well, but with SEWING! :)  

I wanted to share some pics of quilts I did for Christmas.  I've done quilts before, but they've always been for charities and such.  After 6 years of dabbling with this stuff, I finally got serious and made quilts for my family.  They were SO surprised!

This purple beauty is made for my Precious g'daughter.  She's the delight of my heart, and a precious gift from the Lord!  She LOVES purple, and she loves to sew and has even made some small quilts for her dolls.  This year we will venture out into quilting even a little bit more!
And because she loves the quilting aspect, I snapped her checking out all the detailing :)  The quilting was done in variegated purple, all hearts and vines... cause she IS my heart! 
This quilt is aptly named "the colors of my daughters hair".  Now for those of  you who know my daughter Melissa, you'll know she has a kind giving heart who loves her family, and always will go outside her comfort area or lack of time to help out someone she cares about.... but she also has this "wild side" to her hair color, and always has.  It started in high school when she told me she was gonna dye her hair BLUE!  Well she had to wait til she graduated, and sure 'nuff, she did... she always likes to swim upstream and be a bit rebellious, altho I am VERY thankful the deliverance of rebelliousness has calmed down.  It was my pleasure to do this quilt for her ;)

This is the quilt I made for my son-in-law Jack ... He's a Veteran of the US Army, and served for over 10 years.  He's a good American, a praying man, and loves my family so much.  This is the least I could do, is to make him a quilt ... plus, he'll stop his whining about not having a quilt :)

So 2013 is lined up to be MY YEAR for sewing!  And I need to make my hubby Steve a quilt, and a quilt for my mom's 80th birthday... it's almost done :)  THEN I get to make one for my bed ... king size ... and in batiks of course!

Thanks for coming to visit my little neck of the web ... have a blessed day.

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