My Precious G'ma time ~

I got to spend a couple weekends with my Precious Granddaughter and she is SO into SEWing ... I bought her a mini Janome 2 Christmas' ago, and now that's all she wants to do when she comes over ... So y'all know what a giver I am ... I gave in and we sewed together ... 

This was her attempt at her first pattern reading on her own.  We used the "almost free" tissue holder pattern we got from Ami Simms BLOG and it's a pattern from Linda Halpin.  They both have some great tips and patterns and lots of GREAT reading!

So Precious has been digging thru G'mas scrap tubs and she's got a GREAT eye for color!  Maybe she can teach me something about that, because that's where I struggle the most in my creativity.  I think my mind bounces too much with too many ideas :)  

After choosing many different color combinations, Precious started sewing... and because she had not sewn for awhile, her confidence was way down... so my first answer to her is always for prayer, because I want her to learn to lean on The Lord for all her needs and cares.  We pray alot together ... and we've always taught her to pray out loud, and she does so quite freely ... ah, LOVE that girl!  So we prayed for her to not be anxious or fearful and then she takes a deep breath and dives in! :)  She sews and sews and sews... and has made these holders for her mom, both GrGrandmas, her teacher, her old teacher, friends, and one to tuck into her back pack too!

She also wanted to make a magnet for her mom to put on the dishwasher so they could see if the dishes were clean or dirty ! :)

This Precious child SURE knows how to tug at her G'mas heart strings ... and I am SO VERY priviledged to be able to spend time with her and (hopefully) inspire her to do something she loves.  She IS my heart!

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