We are in Washington DC ... our nation's capital... what an EXCITING place!  Lots of beautiful architecture, artistry, history, memorials, and people!  We've been having a good time while we were here ...

We left Missouri last Wednesday morning and flew to Chicago then on to DC ... nice flying!  Checked into the Radisson @ Crystal City and only about 10 minutes out of DC ... so we are close enough to get there easy, and far enough away to avoid the masses ... but how can we tell?

This is a noisy big city... seems like everywhere we go people are talking and talking, and no one listens!  We've gone into restaurants, only to be asked to be set outside with the traffic and noise so that we could talk to each other and hear ourselves!  Everywhere you go, people honk ... is it because they have horns?  Or is it part of the noise factor for this neck of the non-woods?

One thing I did notice, and was quite impressed with is the etiquette of non cell phone use in the restaurants and most public places... now there's a couple people we've run into that do... but for the most part, the people that live and work here either turn them completely off, or on buzz, and when they take a call, they go outside ... personally, I wish more of the country would adopt this behavior!

We have had some of the BEST food ever!  We started by eating at the Legal Seafood Restaurant, based out of Boston ... they have served their clam chowder at EVERY Presidential Inauguration since 1981 ... and OH MY GOSH!  We can sure tell why!  Steve and I eat clam chowder all over the place!  We used to eat out every Friday night in the 80's, and every Friday night, we had clam chowder!  Well THIS clam chowder has put them all to shame!  It is the clammiest, the creamiest, the best balance of flavor we have ever tasted ... and I don't care what it costs ... IT'S WORTH IT !  We ate there for 2 dinners and a lunch while we were here!

After 17 years without one, we are actually on vacation in WASHINGTON, DC!  Thanks to our beautiful daughter, Melissa, and her generous hubby Jack ... THANK YOU BOTH SO MUCH FOR THIS AWESOME OPPORTUNITY and to realize a life-long dream.  

I guess I got side-tracked while on vacation, but will post some pics when I do this ... I learned today from my CRAZY friend that I'm supposed to post a pic with each blog ... I wish Publish Postthey put together a manual for doin this stuff!  THANKS CRAZY ! 

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everythingquilts said...

What a great blog! I never even knew you had a blog until today. Glad you had such a great time on your vacation. Your DGD is truly precious.